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Locked In

This oversized bra sculpture with a lock and key is created into a tableau is intended to emphasize on gender confines and the expectations that come along with clothing.


Made from up-cycled textiles and wire

Fashion Faux Pas

2C8A6623 copy.tiff

This piece is made from up-cycled textiles and accentuates the oversized shoulder pads which were made to help women fit in to a male dominated setting.

Conceptually this piece was intended to create a narrative around the pitfalls of the fashion industry and the relation it holds to other art forms.


Made from curtains, sheets, and wire

Now Who's Laughing


This "wedding dress" is a satirical piece on how women who feel pressured to get married or are in an arranged marriage can be expected to do things that may not be physically or mentally healthy for them


Made From curtains and garbage bags

Who Wears The Pants


The intentions of this project are to create a narrative about women who are constantly being compared to their male counterpart and questioning the traditional role of who is considered the provider in a relationship.

This tableau shows the long road women have gone down in order to compete in the corporate world.


Sculpture made from wire and custom textiles.

Tied Down

Tied Down .jpg

This sculpture uses satire to provide a new perspective on traditional work attire, along with creating a narrative that questions the confines of our clothing and challenges our expectations of gender roles.


Set for Two


The purpose of this installation setting is to enhance the narrative around

intimacy, rejection and mental health. created this scene with up-cycled furniture and paints.


It's Not All Pink and Blue

CP7 Tableau.jpg

The tableau is focusing on gender confines within clothing.


Generated Kuebiko

Detached 2.jpg

With catastrophes and terrifying news relentlessly following one another it only makes sense to feel an intense amount of emotions towards the state of the world. It's exhausting and sometimes sighing seems to be the only thing left.


Developing Nature

Mother Nature Project 1.jpg

Using photography of nature in an untraditional way in hopes of it drawing attention to our landscapes and starting a conversation about preservation.

The  additional element will  invite people to be seen within nature and speak with it, putting yourself in its trunk. ​

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