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"It's Not All Pink and Blue"

The purpose of my project is to highlight gender confines within clothing. I really enjoyed transforming gender specific objects such as the combat boot, high heel, top hat and ties. This semester I was a part of the artist in residency program which has allowed me to keep my focus on recycled and up-cycled materials. 

The top hat has been a part of the traditional formal wear and the cement is an example of the weight of wearing one of these genders' specific articles of clothing.  

The rust represents how long theses stereotypes of been a part of our society. 

I Incorporated forms of confinements such as the wrist being constraint with a tie, wrapping the hands in yarn. I used rope as embellishments on the shoes and added a lock to the back of the top hat.  

For the shoes I switched gender expectations by making the combat boot more masculine and the heel more feminine.  

Top Hat Texture.JPG
CP7 Tableau.jpg
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