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One In The Same

All The Same.jpg

This installation is a metaphor for the repetition of clothing in corporate work environments not allowing any room for self expression

Domestic Waste


Using a top hat form and textile scraps as a representation of the different perspectives women and men have on domestic waste and its disposal differently. 

Who Wears The Pants

The intentions of this project are to create a narrative about women who are constantly being compared to their male counterpart and questioning the traditional role of who is considered the provider in a relationship.

Plastic By Nature

plastic Flower.jpg

This flower is created from plastic knives and the purpose is to highlight plastic waste, consumerisum and repurposing benefits. 

Plastic Sea

Plastic Dolphin.jpg

I created this Dolphin made from found plastic while I was in the Artist and residency program at the Monterey regional waste management facility. The idea is to expand a narrative around pollution. 

Locked In

Locked In.jpg

This oversized bra sculpture with a lock and key is metaphor for Americas infatuation with large breasts and how we are confined to expectations.

This tableau is satire on gender confines and the expectations that come along with clothing.

Tied Down

Ferry Image 9 Kelsey.jpg

This sculpture uses satire to provide a new perspective on traditional work attire, along with creating a narrative that questions the confines of our clothing and challenges our expectations of gender roles.

Self Expression

Self Expression.jpg

This sculpture is a representation of how we express our individualities through gender specific objects. The purpose is to provide a wider perspective and more complexity when it comes to identifying by gender.

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