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Kelsey Rae Thomas

Under The Impression.jpg


I am a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on recycling/up-cycling material, which I then turned into fashion as sculpture tableaus. My focus is taking the tradition elements out of recycled/up-cycled materials and repurposing them for a contemporary content, that is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subject matter that challenges the former and current boundaries we face. 

I also enjoy making my own textiles and pushing limits to create a narrative that reflects on the topical issues impacting our society. Using creativity, humor and irony to embody women empowerment and thought-provoking topics are a common thread throughout my work.


Mills College, Oakland, CA [2020-Currently]

[Masters in Studio Art]

California State University Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA


[bachelor's in visual & Public Arts]

Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA

[Associates in Early Childhood Development]


CAMFABY GLAMFA Exhibition 2021


1MFA Chronicles podcast 2021


Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC) Newsletter 2020

SF Museum of Craft and Design. Exhibition "Cultural Quilt" 2020

Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Exhibition "Who Are You" 2020

SF Museum of Craft and Design. Exhibition "Let's Face It" 2020  

Artist-In-Residency Program, 2019-2020

Curator and artist for pop up exhibition “The Offices of’’, 2019

Salinas Chinatown Intervention, 2019

Site Seven, 2019

Sculpture as Art Fashion Show 2019

Site Six, 2018

Symposium, 2018

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